Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Famous Fish/Saltwaters Seafood Menu


Fish Sandwich- Fried Whiting fish on wheat or white bread $5.00

Fish and Chips- Fried Whiting fish with french fries $6.00

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with one side $5.00

Chicken Wings & Chips- 5 chicken wings with french fries $5.00

Fried Chicken- 3 Pcs $4.00

Crab Cakes & Chips - 3 crab cakes with french fries $7.00

Scallops & Chips - Fried scallops with french fries $7.50

Clams & Chips- Fried Clams with french fries $6.50

Turkey Burger & Chips $6.00


Fried all Whiting Fish $8.00

All Catfish $9.00

Cat Fish and Chips $8.00

Basket of Fried Shrimp $8.00

Shrimp & Chips $8.50

Combo $13.50

Jr. Combo $7.00

Beef Short Ribs with one side $9.00

Salmon & Chips $8.50

Grilled Salmon and Vegetables $8.50

Grilled Tilapia wth Rice & Vegetables $8.50

Steamed Crab Legs $11.00/lb


Grilled Chicken Salad $7.50

Grilled Shrimp Salad $9.00

Grilled Salmon Salad $10.00


$3.00 each

Steamed Vegetables Macaroni & Cheese Cole Slaw Rice & Peas Potato Salad

Cabbage Collard Greens with Smoked Turkey

Sweet Tea $1.50 Soda $1.50

Red Velvet Cake Carrot Cake Banana Cake German Chocolate Cake

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Somerset welcomes Famous Fish!!!

New Jersey fans of Famous Fish of Staten Island rejoice. The man in charge, Nico Holman has just opened a New Jersey location in Somerset. Famous Fish of Saltwater is wowing customers with its fresh seafood. Enjoy steamed, grilled or batter-fried fish starting at $8. Holman owns six Famous Fish eateries in various burroughs of New York, including the beloved Famous Fish of Staten Island. The top-seller there is catfish tenders dipped in a special "coating" and fried to a golden brown. But that same marvelous batter is the secret to why patrons can't get enough of Nico Holman's whiting, shrimp, scallops, clams, crab cakes, and fried or grilled salmon. Other favorites include the grilled tilapia, turkey burgers and chicken wings. But a divine entrée calls for equally divine sides, which is why Famous Fish features soulfully-sublime collard greens, potato salad, and mac-n-cheese, plus desserts like Carrot, Red Velvet, and German Chocolate cake. Coming soon, drop by for weekly live entertainment including jazz and blues. Or, stop by after church to enjoy a scrumptious sunday brunch. Famous Fish of Saltwater is located just minutes south of New Brunswick 's Lincoln Gardens Baptish Church on Rte. 27.